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Health & Safety Consultancy

• Assessment of health & safety needs
• Formulation and revision of safety statements
• Development of health and safety policies/procedures


The Safety Statement is the most crucial element of an organisations health and safety system. It is the employers “duty of care” towards their employees, contractors and visitors to the site. The Safety Statement should be a 'live' document that all staff are aware of and which is implemented at all levels in the organisation, integrated into on-going activities and communicated to everyone in the workplace.

Why do I need a safety statement?

Formulation and review of a safety statement is a statutory obligation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (SHWAA), 2005, Section 12. A safety statements main function is to stipulate how the employer will identify hazards and control risks to health and safety within the workplace. Every employer including the self employed must produce a safety statement under Irish law.
Doyle Health & Safety recommends an annual review of the Safety Statement. It may also need to be revised in the following circumstances: 

  • Following an accident or incident
  • Following a change in workplace practices
  • Following a change in organisational structure
  • Following the introduction of new hazards into the workplace or following the introduction of new legislation, guidance or Codes of Practice

What are the benefits of a safety statement to my organisation? 

  • Ensures compliance with legislation
  • Reduces the risk of litigation
  • Protects your employees
  • Reduces risk of occupational illness and injury through assessment of risks

How can Doyle Health and Safety help you?

We will carry out an extensive audit of the workplace evaluating work procedures, work processes, work equipment, management and workers themselves. We will provide you with a comprehensive hazard Identification and risk assessment which will be the foundation of your safety statement and reflect your organisations commitment to health and safety.